Names have been changed to protect anonymity.
Christina 51yrs: 

“Robert is the right healer for me.
I recently attended a holistic health and wellness course and have experienced a lot of turbulence both emotionally and physically in my life and was keen to take more care of myself and become more healthy.
I instantly felt very calm in his treatment and have found him to be a very intuitive, articulate and compassionate person. I believe he knows what I need, to help myself be fulfilled and healed.
He has also combined the Cranial Sacral sessions sometimes with Shiatsu or diet and lifestyle advice. This has built me up deeply from inside, any blockages have been worked through and the sessions leave me feeling energised, I think more clearly and have more excitement and joy for life Robert is really good and is helping me transform my life.”

Matthew 42yrs:

“Rob was very skilled in building and maintaining a therapeutic relationship throughout the sessions. Rob clearly explained and negotiated his actions before contact, which was reassuring. I found the physical contact, presence and stillness during these sessions comforting and enjoyable. Some of the work, especially around the cranium, felt quite strong and after sessions I experienced various feelings including slight light headedness, feeling tired/relaxed, and also a lift in mood and energy which continued into the next day.
I had been suffering from on-going sciatica pain caused by piriformis syndrome and at times I was in some discomfort during the sessions. On one occasion Rob was correctly able sense and identify shooting pains through his touch. Mid way through the ten sessions the sciatic pain cleared up and to date has not returned, and I do believe that the holistic treatment Rob provided contributed to this. I also underwent quite stressful changes to my domestic life during this period and again I feel that the therapeutic relationship over the course of 3 months helped me to cope with these changes.”

Katy 49yrs:

“To Rob, the Heart-Healer.
Your talents are beyond riches to me. And I can’t thank you enough as recompense for all you have done for me.”

Fran 41yrs:

“I was in a pretty dark place as I had resigned from my job and felt mentally drained. Life appeared to throw drama after drama at me, and it all felt consuming and out of control. I started to see Robert on a weekly basis for CST as I have always favoured alternative therapies and would not take anti-depressants.
My expectations were pretty low as I had been feeling this way for over a year and had tried some self help courses and books but lacked motivation to continue what I had been taught.
My first impression of visiting Robert and his practise was complete calm, a space that was there for me to take time out from the world and be at peace. At first we would talk about where I was which I found extremely easy to do with Robert and often broke down in tears which again I had not been able to do with other therapists, I felt a block but with Robert this felt comfortable. I noticed how I would not stay crying for long as I felt safe. Each week Robert would ask which part of my body spoke of well being, this is extremely powerful as I had spent over a year focusing on how bad I felt, each week something felt good and I would be able to put a quality to it such as “feeling at ease” or “free” none of my responses were pre-empted just free flowing from my mind. Robert talks you through what will happen so when it comes to the relaxation part where you lie on the table it is surprising the different things I felt from seeing colours to feeling supported. I knew that CST would not be a quick fix and each week I take something away from my session whether it is not chastising myself for getting through this difficult time or recognising my body needs time to heal. CST has given me a sense of well being and inner balance. For me it is a time and space to be at peace and emotionally stabilise. The treatment is incredibly relaxing but also good because it enables you to focus on you and how your mind and body are really feeling. For me this is very much because of Roberts professional style of practise and how he encourages you to be kinder to yourself and see things from alternative perspectives. Whilst my journey with CST continues I feel the difference in my thought processes’s, body and mind but more importantly my family see the difference as I share my findings and they see an overall progressive me. I say that I have a pocket Robert who stays with me and is there to enable me to practise what I learn from each session.

Thank You Robert”

Eva 35yrs:

“Cranial treatments with Rob are simply incredible, but complicated to describe! They are like profound meditation combined with guided non intrusive healing. I always walk away feeling re-grounded (mentally and literally-my feet can feel the contact with the floor properly again). Inner physically shifts around to settle to calm and then also mental clarity… Everything just works better with more simplicity and peacefulness. Thank you Rob for allowing me to find this harmony. Everybody should embrace the opportunity to discover this!”