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What is Focusing?

Underneath our thoughts and feelings, our bodies know so much more than we realise. Focusing is a way of tapping in to this knowledge and letting it rise to the surface. It’s a skill we all have, but which most of us use very little. It is likely that over your life you have learned to not pay attention to the subtle messages our body is offering us. Learning Focusing is really a question of remembering how to listen deeply and allow something new to come into focus.

Life is constantly in a natural flow forwards. We enjoy the free flowing ease until something interrupts this process. Maybe a traumatic event or challenge arises that brings about a blockage or stuck place in our life: we get cut off from the natural life forward energy. By bringing gentle awareness to our body’s deeper knowing, Focusing works to rekindle the life forward energy within the stuck place. Effortlessly the natural passage of life can resume.

The skills you learn in Focusing sessions are yours to use for the rest of your life! You will learn to listen to and trust your inner road-map, rather than relying on the opinions or suggestions of others.

Who is it For?

People come to Focusing for an infinite number of reasons. You might like to see if one or more of these scenarios resonate with you.

You feel stuck or blocked somehow in your life. However you try to prioritise things, distractions take over and the list just seems to get longer.

On the surface life seems to be going well but deep down you are struggling. People perceive you as strong and look up to you and you are constantly working to keep up this persona.

Your emotional reactions are much stronger than you’d like them to be. You find yourself exploding, panicking or bursting into tears over little things. Trying to talk yourself around makes no difference.

Everything feels wrong and even trying to explain simply feels too much. When looking for help, behind every door you open, there is nothing there.

You are at a crossroads in your life and are overwhelmed by your options. You are struggling to make confident choices.

Unsettled thoughts are distracting you from exploring your inner experience. Perhaps you are curious to learn a new way that has both the non judgemental stillness of meditation but also offers a way to engage with emotional issues and transform them.

You are experiencing difficulties with your health and you feel that listening deeply to your body is going to be a part of your healing. Maybe you are in pain, feeling constantly tired, or perhaps the experience of being ill is making you feel anxious.

What Happens in an Individual Focusing Session?

I will support you in settling down and making space to allow you to tune in to the knowledge and wisdom your body holds. There is no need to assume any special posture, no physical contact between you and I, and absolutely no pressure to ‘get it right’! Remember, you are rekindling a skill which you’ve always had, but may not have used very much at all. I will invite you to tune in to your self, encourage you to describe your experience, and support you in staying with and deepening into it. It is possible to learn the basics of Focusing over a few sessions and then dive more deeply into your body’s knowing over further sessions.

Focusing often takes place seated but it is possible to stand up or lie down, and even to move!

It is equally common to learn Focusing face to face or online – both have their advantages, neither one is preferable over the other.

What Happens in a Focusing Group?

You might prefer to join a small group of people to share the experience of learning Focusing. Whilst this doesn’t offer the personally tailored service of one-to-one learning, it does bring both variety and community to the learning. As a group we will learn to settle and explore the sensations of the body. We will develop sensitivity to listening to, and even communicate with, the wisdom held in the body. Groups take place online. Please contact me for dates.

In the Longer Term

Once you have learned the basics there are various options available to you to continue developing your Focusing skills. You may wish to join more group training to deepen your capacity to listen to the body. Or you may wish to have regular individual sessions to take space for yourself and explore your personal process more closely. Or both! It is possible to Focus on your own, but it’s very useful to have some help. Whatever your individual needs are, wherever your life is heading, committing more time to your Focusing skills will only serve to increase your capacity to be present to the wisdom held within your body.

Focusing is not intended as primary healthcare but to work alongside the relationship you have with your doctor.